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Posts tagged as “Impeached”

Trump will 'be impeached forever': Pelosi | ABC News

In an exclusive interview, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi joins George Stephanopoulos on “This Week.” #ThisWeek #HouseSpeaker #NancyPelosi #Impeachment #Iran #Trump

The phone call that could get Trump impeached

The impeachment inquiry into President Trump started with a phone call. And what makes it noteworthy is actually how simple it is. Trump’s White House…

Donald Trump Has Been Impeached

Democrats in the House made Donald Trump the third President ever to be impeached, he lashed out at the widow of a former Congressman, we…

President Trump Impeached | The Daily Show

After hours of partisan debate, the House of Representatives votes to impeach President Trump, and Michael Kosta reports from DNC headquarters where the mood is…