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How to crack QA interview?

Intro and best practices of Test Automation Become a Software QA Automation Engineer Sign up for the first FREE week of our course: …

BDD Cucumber Interview Questions

Hi Folks, In this video, I have discussed Cucumber – BDD – Gherkin – Interview Questions and Answers with multiple examples and scenarios. Happy Learning…

Interview with Joel Gamoran

Growing up, Joel Gamoran was petrified of speaking in public. And he can’t stand writing. How, then, did he become National Chef for Sur La…

Interview with Student Reporters in Hong Kong

1’22 Part I: 學生記者特質 24‘52 Part II: 學生記者於反修例運動中的角色 48’02 Part III: 學生記者於反修例運動中的感受 1‘13’45 Part IV: 學生記者的認受性 1’25’09 Part V: 期望從非政府組織獲得的支持