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Jewish Delegation Visits Israel's 1979 Uganda Raid Site

Articles: Live:  Replay:  Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #i24NEWS #TheRundownwithCalevandNurit #Uganda #Israel THE RUNDOWN |

#368 11-26-19 Libertarian Jewish New York Comic Dave Smith

Watch, comment, super chat: 00:00 Tom Cruise in 2006 shows how to handle rude people without losing your cool 02:50 Prominent Neo-Nazi James Mason…

Why Criticism Of Israel Isn't Antisemitism

Progressives criticizing Israel keep being painted as antisemites. Why? Because according to many American politicians, criticizing the right-wing government of Israel is anti-Semitic. Newsbroke’s Matt…

Jewish Survivor Adolf Deutsch Testimony

This testimony from Holocaust Survivor Adolf Deutsch is from USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive®, an online portal that allows users to search through and…