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Posts tagged as “joe biden”

Tulsi's New Medicare For All Still Sucks

Holistic A-Hole discusses Tulsi Gabbards new Medicare For All Plan that she laid out on the Jimmy Dore Show. Jimmy equatess it to the Australian…

Elizabeth Warren's Anti-Gun Agenda Explained

Jim Geraghty of National Review joins Cam to break down Elizabeth Warren’s anti-gun platform, which includes raising taxes on guns and ammunition in an attempt…

The Buck Sexton Show, Hour 2, 10-21-19

Democrats continue to push Medicare-for-all…and refuse to explain how they’ll pay for it, and Beto O’Rourke claims President Trump is inspired by Goebbels.

Azul para siempre cap 21 part1

Fanfic por Fabiola Valenzuela – Link Los invito a mi otro canal Dulce Candy Fanfic para que escuchen mas historias de los rebeldes.

#454 : A More Equal Union.

A More Equal Union. The political crisis of extreme inequality. How the electoral college undermines democracy. Plus Jerry Brown and Pete Buttigieg together on the…

2019 Detroit Veterans Day Parade

Tuskegee Airmen Detroit 25:55min Veteran’s Interviews & Service’s | 2019 Detroit Veterans Day Ceremony- Please Subscribe and share with friends on all social media…