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Posts tagged as “review”

Junior Web Developer Portfolio Review

In this video I review a portfolio from a subscriber who is looking to get a job as a web developer. 👩🏼‍💻 | Looking to…

Double Your Chances To Get A Job as A Developer / Engineer with a Portfolio Review

In this video, I talk about Brad Traversy from Traversy media. Looking to learn to code check these plans Monthly Plan Yearly Plan…


Review crítica análisis del episodio primero 1×05 s01e05 de la serie Watchmen de HBO basado en los personajes del cómic novela gráfica de Alan Moore…

EECS2030 F19 Programming Test 2 Review 20191115

iPad Notes here: – Inferring super and sub classes from assignments – Aggregation vs. Composition – Copy Constructors (PersonCollector, Person)