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Posts tagged as “spreaker”

Dumbest Coup Ever and MO!

Source: The “Whistleblower’s call is coming from inside the House (of Representatives)! Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare for All scam is DOA. The Great Eight last words…

Craig Collins filling in

Source: Craig Collins filling in. Elizabeth Warren releases details for her Medicare for All plan. Pod living in California. Dems moving closer to impeachment of…

Beer For Brunch Friday!!!

Source: Join Matt Locke and Party Foul Steve talk about local brews and man stuff every Friday.

October Job Numbers/US-China Trade Negotiations

Source: This week, Neal and Rich discuss the latest job numbers with Mark Hammrick, Senior Economist, Trade talks between China and the US continue…

Retraction Joe Biden Communion

Source: Today is special broacast to Retract my words against Former Vice President Biden Regarding him being denied Communion.