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Posts tagged as “ubi”

Talking Yang Episode 2

This week we discuss the recent loss of Ross Perot, banning robo calls, Andrew on The View, McDonald’s kiosk takeover, doomed Amazon retraining, campaign stats,…

Chat & Smash! (Incineroar Practice)

Chatting with friends live about Andrew Yang and UBI (among other things) while I practice playing as Incineroar in SSBU.

2020 – Bernie Sanders Vs Andrew Yang

Comparing Andrew Yang and Bernie Sanders websites, who has the better one? *couldn’t find the event page on Yang’s site, here it is in case…

Response; Current Affairs' Andrew Yang Misinformation Piece

ANDREW YANG’S CURIOUS PLANS What Is the Difference Between Social Security Disability (SSDI) and SSI? Chart Book: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families…