Ten US sailors lacking after maritime collision

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Ten sailors from the US navy are lacking after an American guided, missile destroyer collided with an oil tanker off the coast of Singapore. 5 others are …


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Timm Hogerzeil

what a bunch of idiots. already the second time in two month they can't see a tanker with their radar? I love that the boat is called John McCain. sad it did not sink altogether.

John Bates

with all of the radar, and sonar we have on these ships, we can't miss something as big as a tanker? Seriously? Are there no underway qualified sailors on the bridge?

UpJohn 2.7

Even trump`s navy is becoming incompetent…like their president


more proof that Americans are idiots

Josephat Kibet

A sign that American fleet should be retreating back home. The waning power of the American military is faster than initially projected. In this case, it is probable that the radar technology is falling behind, or some sailors are sleeping on their job. Only a few years ago, these incidences were unheard of in the US military but Russian Navy.They are just growing frequent.

John Smith

Why is this happening so often now? Is this the Obama Navy?