Tensions rise as North Korea efficiently trials its first ICBM

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Mac Hill

bb alaska we will remember you


I don't why the media keeps calling NK unpredictable. Actually NK's behavior has always been quite predictable. To a lot of people's dismay, but quite predictable. Namely, the more you pressure/threaten it, the more it aims for the nuclear option. This is the predictable behavior of a regime that has nothing to lose and trusts nobody.


Looks like No Sense Donald is getting ready to make another dimwitted move — this time against North Korea. What this mentally challenged individual doesn't understand is that a US first strike will make it impossible to finish our missions against ISIS and in Afghanistan. This war will cost us trillions in just a few short years, and we would have to pay a monumental amount to rebuild North Korea.

Matt S

I really don't see what the problem is. The West and every country with arms test missiles so why not the n Koreans. They are only a threat because we are told they are

fenton bevan

there is no proof from either the koreans, the american military, x-base floating radar, infra red vision or satellite.

total fraud but america likes to keep it going for the future zionist bank insertion coming any year now thanks to the usa and the zionist banking cartel.