“That is a Reliable query!!” Jason Chaffetz SNAPS at Hillary Clinton lackey

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I'm glad to see the exposure of the corruption in the DNC and with the Clinton's, but I resent Donna Brazile putting on airs and attempting to take the moral high ground. She was very much part of the corruption, providing questions in advance to Hillary so that she could formulate an answer before anyone even took the stage. This is like handing someone a cheat sheet with the answers just before they take a test. Not only did she participate in the corruption, she lied about it when interviewed, using Christianity as her personal shield to hide behind, and… Read more »

Ohhh Donna!!!


How can you Bernie supporters continue to support a man who wouldn’t speak up or speak up for you? He was paid to shut his mouth because Clinton got something on him or the money was too good! Is that the kind of leader you want? Help me understand your brains!

Lava Lamp

If Ms Brazile is lieing, so many lawyers would be screaming. It reads as she was heartbroken by those she saw herself devoted to, understandably. The D Voter should be furious at the effort to sulence the release of information.

Tauro Nicodemus

This is no more than Puppet Theater, watch what they do, don't listen to the shit that fall's from their mouth… that goes for both side's of the bent coin…

Raymond Patrick

I can stand this bald moron. He lies constantly. Nothing in her book was debunked hes making that up just like his 62 genders policy. Then he called two biological genders right wing sudoe science. He sure does know a lot .A lot of horse shit

Diane Tomaszewski

I’ve never heard so many excuses from the Democratic Party. They just keep stabbing each other in the back. Bernie was a sell out.

Deibama nonliberal

Zac learned to be a liar from the best; he (It) looks like an escapee from Area 51.


Mario Cantani

Grossly negligent when it comes to not securing important intel…is a federal crime . No butts about it you bald headed 3 dollar bill. Comey rewrote the statute. Its not up to him to rewrite law.

Robert D.

Is the bald person a man or a woman..

Tom Johnson

( a former D voter) they were so confident in their "victory" they became blatantly corrupt. this is why i didn't vote for her (clinton), it scares me to think what they would have done had they won. Democrats keep lying and demonizing people,this will ensure Trump will be re-elected and drive moderates away from the party for generations.
i don't see Trump as a republican, but as a independent that ran on the republican ticket.


how come she can ask to see guys dicks at work. …ummmm isn't that sexual harassment

Tammy Eaton

Zach is a Hill Shill!! He DOES NOT CARE if Hillary walked up to someone and pointed a gun and PULLED THE TRIGGER!! He would DEFEND her until he was BLUE in the face, RATHER than ADMIT he’s WRONG and Hillary is a MONSTER-which she IS!!!!


I must have missed the part where he "SNAPS"?


This little bald faggot just really annoys me.

kk kat piter

Don't argue with Jason, he is a boss.

Sam McCormack

I notice that all the democrat hillary and obama shills are either still wet behind the ears liberals, gays, radicals, and idiots. They just have very shallow and dim minds! The educated people who know the real truth go to the Republican side.