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The Algorithms of Life – Scientific Computing for Systems Biology

Ivo Sbalzarini, speaking at the 2019 conference, as the main conference keynote speaker on Monday, June 17. In his keynote talk, The Algorithms of Life – Scientific Computing for Systems Biology, Sbalzarini mainly discussed the rapidly growing importance and influence in the life sciences for scientific high-performance computing.

Sbalzarini is the Chair of Scientific Computing for Systems Biology on the faculty of computer science of TU Dresden, as well as the faculty of mathematics, and director of the TUD-Department in the Center for Systems Biology Dresden. He also is a permanent Senior Research Group Leader with the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden. He also serves as a co-leader of the Federal Cluster of Excellence “Physics of Life”, Dean of the International Max Planck Research School in Cell, Developmental, and Systems Biology, and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science.

Computing is playing a pivotal and catalytic role in this scientific revolution, both as a tool of investigation and hypothesis testing, but also as a school of thought and systems model. The cooperative, interdisciplinary effort to develop and advance our understanding of life using computational approaches not only places high-performance computing center stage, but also provides stimulating impulses for the future development of this field.

This year’s event was held from June 16 – 20 in Frankfurt, Germany. It was attended by 3,573 HPC community members, including researchers, scientists, business leaders, academicians and students.

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