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The Black Community Doesn't Want Black Women to Win — At Least, Not Really.

Black women have a lot of haters when it comes to interracial & multi-ethnic dating and marriage. Even though Sen. Kamala Harris is multi-ethnic, she is still a Black-identifed woman married to a White man. Recently, Journalist Roland Martin asked why more support was not going to Kamala from the Black community. 🤔

To me, it is obvious. Roland Martin is a Scorpio born 2 days after myself (his birthday is 11/14, mine 11/12). We think, deduce, and speak a LOT ALIKE.

Therefore, I am sure he already knows the answer internally, and is only asking to prove his point based on comments about Kamala that likely would appear on his channel. In other words, he’s asking a rhetorical question because he senses the energy of the Black community, and knows the real reason why they are not in full support of Sen. Harris.

Roland’s video link is below.

Also, Khia Thug Misses (notorious social media roaster, Pro-Black woman, and debuted in the early 2000’s as a rap/hip-hop/trap music artist in the South) had a video saying that because Serena Williams is with a White man, “she can’t win anymore” and has “lost her mojo,” so-to-speak. 🧐

{Insert eye roll here}.
1)  “Serena ‘Losing Ass’ Williams on Gag Order”  (where she mentions Serena’s IR marriage affecting her wins)
By:  Khia Motormouf TV

2)  “Why Hasn’t Sen. Kamala Harris Been Able to Garner More Support & Lock Up the Black Vote?”
By:  Roland S. Martin 

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