The Devil's in the Detail

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These days, brands are everything. They have their own personalities, their own fans, even their own Facebook pages. And we spend tens of thousands of pounds every year managing our brands. We have detailed brand guidelines to ensure our logos are never printed in the wrong color, the wrong size or – heaven forbid – the wrong place. Webmasters control our presence in cyberspace, while compliance wizards Ensure the content of our marketing materials does not … shh … break the law.

We spend months developing strategic marketing plans, weeks getting our message just right, and a sizeable chunk of our marketing budget on design that makes us stand out from the crowd. Then there are the extras: the eye-catching photography, the spot UV on the company brochure, the Flash animation for the website. It all adds up to quite an investment of both time and money.

Yet how many of us have risked all that, only to find a typo in the title at the end?

We live in an age when even our gr8 gran cn spk txt, so perhaps it's understandable that some of us think we can leave proofreading to the computer spellchecker. We all know we should not. Computers can not check context: they do not know if we mean there, their or they're, affect or effect, loose or lose. And – oops! – you just spelled manager as manger. Sorry, it will not spot that either. P45 anyone?

We're all under pressure – our inboxes buckle under the strain of hundreds of unanswered messages, our 'to do' lists get longer every day, and somehow there's never enough time … it's no wonder we end up cutting corners. You're too close to your own work to proofread it yourself, and hey, your colleague's just as busy as you are so there's no point asking them to do it.

Something's got to give, right?

Perhaps, but it should never be proofreading. Mistakes damage the very brand you've put all that time and effort into controlling. And unfortunately for you, no amount of compliance will safeguard against that mistake lurking on page 14. Even the smallest mistake can make your company look unprofessional, underlining all your efforts, and worse – even driving customers to do business with your rivals.

Conversely, accurate copy is more compelling, more effective and a whole lot more desirable.

Consider professional proofreading as security on your investment. It may be another expense, but it's one that will pay for itself many times over.

A specialist proofreader will check a lot more than your spelling. They'll check for consistency, grammar and syntax, typographical errors, alignment – and especially sense. Theirs know point making shore all you're words our spelt write if you're making know scents. See what I mean?

Neglecting proofreading after all that effort is like filling your home with expensive furnishings then deciding to cut back by not buying locks for the doors. You just would not do it.

As the saying goes, 'There's never time to do it right, but always time to do it again.' Do not learn the hard way.

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