The Inevitability of Debt

The entire world is in debt of one form or another. It is not only about money but climate change, global warming, conflicts within and between nations, mass migration, and disease, to name but a few of the consequences of it. Drugs, crime, and social disorder can be added to the mix along with corrupt politicians and a loss of freedom and human trafficking. Who, if anyone, is to blame.

The elephant in the room is the establishment and man-made systems and beliefs. What do humans care about the state of the planet when the majority can not even make up their minds that these things are happening? The wall that confronts them is the incredible depth of mystery and magic that hides the deceit that perpetuates the power and control thought and inficted by governments.

Everyone sees money as the solution to their problems but few can feel the pain of the consequences of poor management of the planet. The earth is a living breathing organism meant to sustain the life upon it and man alone has undermined its ability to do its job.

My reincarnation and knowledge brought with me from previous lives provided answers that are way beyond the understanding of many. We have all reincarnated and as people died and were reborn that they have been placed in positions that justify their punishment for previous deeds.

Far from the hell that many fear awaits them after death If they do not obey their religious leaders they have already been judged and their situations in this life is all there is. Those who traded and despised black people are now black themselves and are feeling the wrath of the Great Spirit of the Universe upon them.

Children being delivered to death is prophesied in the Old Testament along with the massive fires, floods, winds, and earthquakes that sees the demise of thousands at a time. No one can stop climate change or the consequences of global warming because these things are part of bringing the earth to an end. The planet will not end but life upon it will.

How many times has this happened? Well! One has only to look at the number of planets in space and see their condition. The Great Spirit is in control and it is seeking those who are spiritual and have retained true to that presence within. These are the things known to me.

Debt is inevitable because man's systems are fallible and money is an invention designed to deliver power and control to governments. It started with the Roman Empire and Constantine. He is described as 666 in Revelation 13: 12-18 and it is he who put up the economic and legal systems we use today. Our greatest debt is to the Spirit and few are able to repay it.

Source by Norma Holt

Don Ma

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