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The Leftist Couch Episode 1

The first episode of the Lady Columbia and I’s new political discussion show, originally aired on her channel live, we’ll be alternating whos channel it airs on first, so go give her a sub. We discuss Mythcon, Tim Pool and censorship, the Destiny-Emerican Johnson debate, anarchy, interact with the chat.

0:00 Intro
29:25 Minds: New Jersey/Mythcon Panel
56:34 Tim Pool and The Hunt Censorship
1:11:48 Heather Heyer and the ignoring of POC lost in the cause
1:19:48 The problems in leftist spaces with POC representation, examination of the Emerican Johnson-Destiny debate, my issues with Emerican, and discussions of anarchy.
2:29:10 Examing Emerican Johnson’s own words
2:44:40 Answering the live chat, mostly on anarchy

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