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The Modern Lab Notebook: Scientific computing with Jupyter and Python.

You can think of this as three or four tutorial seminars rolled into one: no need to watch it in one sitting, and no need to watch it all! It starts with the basics, and builds up from there.

It’s intended for people who have some Python programming experience, but know little about the libraries that have become so popular recently in numerical analysis and data science. Or for people who may even have used them — pasted some code into a Jupyter notebook as part of a college exercise, say — but not really understood what was going on behind the scenes.

This is for you. I hope you find it useful!


00:00 Preface and Intro

11:26 Jupyter Notebooks intro

30:32 The basics of NumPy

56:31 Playing with images

1:25:22 Playing with audio

1:35:37 Playing with Pandas

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