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The One Reason Your Sales Funnel Isn't Working

The One Reason Your Sales Funnel Isn’t Working

In this episode of Become a Media Maven®, I speak with Paige Filliater.

Paige started making money by teaching other business owners how to build online sales funnels.

Then, when many of her clients had profiting sales funnels and still weren’t happy in their business or life, she decided to go deeper.

In the 10th episode of Become a Media Maven®, Paige shares some sales funnel knowledge, but also takes us back to really think about the reason for the funnel – How much money do you want to make? Why do you want to make that much money?

In this episode, you’ll learn what you need to work on before you start building a sales funnel to ensure it’s successful and you feel successful.

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Have you been wanting to get in front of more people without spending money on advertising but you’re not sure where to start… and you really don’t want to waste time on the wrong steps or waste money hiring the wrong people?

Let me help! I’ll show you how to earn coverage in the media – in print, online, and on TV – to get more visibility for you and your business.

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Ready Set Life Financial Coaching
Ready Set Life Financial Coaching
8 months ago

Thanks! This was great 😊

Jane Stoller
Jane Stoller
8 months ago

Another great episode to prevent wasting time.

Evan J. Williams
Evan J. Williams
8 months ago

You are spitting some major facts on this podcast. Subbed!

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