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The PAIN Act, CDC Opioids Meeting & Opioid Prohibition Update

This is the weekly Chronic Pain Community & Opioid Prohibition News Update!

The new legislation is coming down the pike in the house of representatives about the subject of opioids for pain treatment in medicare. The act would make non-opioids the first-line treatment and increase incentives to pay doctors and surgeons to leave opioids alone. This piece of legislation is dangerous and could lead to more suffering and patient abandonment.

We also cover the 2016 CDC Workgroup meetings that took place week. These 2 days of meetings were essential for spoonies to speak up and loads of them did. We go over what happened at the meetings, the comments shared, and how long it will be until we see any revision to the opioids guidelines.

Lastly, we go through new opioid studies & how democratic party presidential nominee wannabe Julian Castro wants to give patients their medicine back. While I don’t care for Julian, he is the only candidate speaking about this hard issue and so he does deserve some credit.

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Sue'82 Metal Maniac
Sue'82 Metal Maniac
7 months ago

It's total bs that the CDC isn't coming out with new guidelines for years ! We don't have years, many pain patients will NOT last that long.

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