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The Possession of Joel Delaney/Class of 1984 Upstairs at Froelich's Show 106

The Possession of Joel Delaney – Introducing 22-year-old Perry King. This is a creepy, atmospheric movie that belongs in the early ’70s; it has that great ’70s vibe like Let’s Scare Jessica To Death or The Exorcist. 38-year-old Shirley MacLaine plays a pampered, wealthy, divorced socialite who has an unusual sexual attraction to her younger brother, Joel. They seem way too close for brother and sister. She babies him, and she is technically old enough to be his mother. Joel takes an apartment in East Harlem (what they used to call Spanish Harlem) and begins exhibiting strange behavior. MacLaine plays this strange passive-aggressive game with everyone she knows, including her maid and her children. In short order, Joel goes nuts and is hauled away by the cops, screaming in Spanish. I love the Old New York gritty look to the movie. I wish movies were made like this today.

Class of 1984 – Perry King represents your typical Paul Kersey-like Liberal music teacher on his first day at Lincoln High School, where the gangs and the punks rule. He meets up with Roddy McDowall, who advises him to brush up on his fighting skills and get a weapon. The Principal has a closed-circuit security system. There are metal detectors. This is the best job he could find? In his class, Lisa Langlois is fellating a clarinet and licking Michael J. Fox! Perry King is trying to play timid, but he looks like he could kick each of these kids’ asses. Timothy Van Patten is such a prick. I’d say the music class proper is not terrible, they have pacing and tempo issues. I hear Fear’s “Let’s Have a War” playing in the background. One of my favorite songs. These punks dress like rejects from Mad Max. The gang fights look a little clumsy. For really no reason, they start harassing Perry King. Van Patten looks too white-bread and handsome to be the leader of a gang. They like to mosh to non-moshing music. This isn’t your typical gang.

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