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THE PURGE IN HONG KONG (rally in Hong Kong)

THE PURGE IN HONG KONG : Alledge Triad Gangsters attacked pro-democracy protesters

Men most wearing white shirts and carrying bats, sticks and metal poles, set upon anti-government demonstrators late Sunday, July 21, who had been returning from a huge anti-government march.

Footage broadcast live on Facebook showed people screaming as the assailants beat multiple protesters and journalists in a subway station and in trains carriages, leaving pools of blood on the floor.

Critics accused the city’s embattled police force of taking more than an hour to reach the site and failing to arrest the attackers who stayed in the streets around the station into Monday morning.

Men in white shirts were later filmed leaving the scene in cars with Chinese mainland number plates.

Furious fellow pro-democracy lawmakers told a news conference on Monday the city’s pro-Beijing leaders were turning a blind eye to the attacks.

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