The Rah Rah Society

It isn’t well-known however there’s a secret society at work in America in the present day, No not the Masons the Trilateralist's or the Rand Company. This secret confederation it’s so secret the truth is that a number of the members don’t even know they're members themselves. The haven’t any aware recollections of their initiation or of their oath. The neophytes chant the mantras and study and repeat the gospels hoping to rise to a degree of prominence in The Historical Mystic Order of The Rah Rah Society.

The decrease order of plebeian is aware of little or no concerning the hierarchy, they're duties are primarily symbolic because the elders preach the plebs nod in unison, "It’s so, it’s written it will be misguided to query," It’s simple for us the uninitiated to look down our noses and criticize the automatons for by no means questioning who was main them and by no means asking, "The place is it they’re being led to?" As a result of it’s a important part of the human pathology to wish to slot in and to wish to comply with alongside and to present away all proper's all vital thought because the initiative dues and as an indication of blind loyalty.

The chosen, because the sub lieutenants take into account themselves for they’ve been chosen to rise from among the many ranks of the plebs. They’ve been given a style of the inside sanctum they know the key handshake they usually have their decoder ring. Their obligation is to combine and infiltrate among the many uninitiated and to serepticously preach the gospels, "It’s so, it’s written it will be misguided to query." They’re diligent and their function within the group shouldn’t be understated. For they’re the true believers that imagine the gospels and hosanna in any respect its tenants.

They quantity within the tens of millions and they’re dutiful and constant, nicely conscious that of their numbers just one or two will rise to the subsequent degree. As they pressure to see contained in the golden sanctuary, as they lay prostrate on the ground some catch a glimpse because the golden doorways open to see the holy holy upon it's excessive alter. They imagine if solely they preach the cheese onerous sufficient that they too might be admitted to the sanctuary however it’s by no means to be. The religious can solely see the entrance of the golden doorways and to catch glimpses contained in the sanctuary that they are going to by no means be admitted in to. For contained in the chamber solely the anointed can see the sacred message, seen solely when the doorways are closed from the within and when chamber is inviolable.

The message engraved into the golden doorways is probably the most sacred secret of the group and made accessible solely to the best rank. The interpretation from the unique Greek reads, "To Consider is to be a Idiot." Certainly it’s important to guard this holy secret and the tradition shouts down and haunts any individual digress however normally it’s the succor of the ecumenical class that quiets the dissenters. Don’t look so shocked! Historical past is stuffed with non secular orders which sole objective was the advantage of the management. The thought is the truth is so previous that the title pyramid scheme might be probably the most applicable title ever given out in human creation. As previous or older than the pyramids themselves is alive and nicely with us in the present day within the twenty first century.

Like most orders it was at itsception created for the great of all and stuffed with noble concepts and inspirations. At it's cathedral was the intention to construct the economic system by bringing consumers and sellers collectively to facilitate commerce. The order was a sufferer of it's personal success there have been good days and unhealthy days however over all of the order thrived regardless of the inner corruption. However in the present day the Rah Rah Society acts like a mafia group individually to the targets of the market they search solely their lower. They make their proportion by the numbers of the transactions not the standard of the transactions. Any critical try and reasonable or regulate is to chop their very own take so as an alternative they watch from the balcony and chant the mantras of the free market.

To take care of their order the trustworthy should precede ever tougher, "It’s so, it’s written It’s so, it’s written as their quantity will increase and their inflection raises. Enron chapter has folded; the excessive priest Abramoff defrocked the holy father Greenspan has stepped down. However the Rah Rah Society won’t be disswayed, "These finances deficits are manageable!"

"It’s so, It’s written."

"The sub prime mortgage disaster is manageable!"

"It’s so, It’s written."

"The decline within the worth makes our exports extra aggressive!"

"It’s so, It’s written."

"The economic system is flourishing why, simply take a look at the inventory market."

"It’s so, It’s written."

Ask the Pope, "How's issues on the Vatican?" He’ll let you know,

"All's nicely." Ask Jerry Falwell, "How's issues up at Liberty Baptist he’ll let you know,

"All's nicely!"

Ask the Rah Rah Society, "How's issues in America?" they usually level to the brand new Oracle of Wall Avenue they usually chant, "It’s so, It’s written."

For the defenders of the religion know that for the church to outlive they need to herald new believers and new funding or the church will collapse burdened by the burden of it's personal prophecies. To stop the collapse the Rah Rah Society should preach the brand new Gospel. That unhealthy information is absolutely excellent news solely wrapped in numerous paper for less than religion alone can save the church now. "New dwelling gross sales down 18% largest drop in twenty years" the market is up 42 factors as gross sales had been higher than first feared. You see the Titanic was virtually a thousand toes lengthy however excellent news! The outlet within the hull was not even 4 hundred; "Ranges of violence down in Iraq as surge start to take maintain." Market breaks 13,000 barrier unmentioned by the Rah Rah Society was that the brand new variety of assaults didn’t embody assaults by automobile bombs or IED's. Suppose we solely rely assaults made by insurgents with water pistols Iraq would rank among the many most peaceable international locations on the planet! "It’s so, It’s written."

The Rah Rah society is at a cross roads as they kneel in prayer on the alter of the sacred greenback pretending to be devoted however on the identical time they transformed their very own sacred holdings to new gods, the Euro and the Yen they usually have discovered the brand new promised land in China had been they will construct new temples and observe the religion unperturbed by the heretics of regulation. For all appearances the church seems unable to nonetheless or navigate the troubled waters, the antichrist is on the wheel and is headed for the rocks. However the church hierarchy is unperturbed they’ve made their preparations that they are going to be on the final rocket out of Krypton and count on a tender touchdown within the new nation they’ve learn the sacred textual content and brought it to coronary heart!

"To imagine is to be a Idiot."

"It’s so, It’s written."

"Rah Rah!"

Source by David Cox

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