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The Story Of Healing With Jennifer L. Thorne

Jen was born the 2nd of 6 girls and raised in a secular household. That left her flesh to set the direction of her life. Experiencing same-sex attraction at an early age and being exposed to homosexuality through a male cousin pointed her into a life of lesbian relationships. In the early ’80s, Jen lived in the Bay area and lived the breath of all the gay life had to offer.

At the age of 24, she began her last lesbian relationship after having given her life to Jesus at the age of 24. All Jesus needed was permission to enter in and her life was changed forever.

Jen has now been married to her husband Karl for over 30 years and they have raised five children.

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CHAT RULES: This chat is primarily a place for healing and growing understanding of the doctrine of Christ. All people are welcome to join in as long as you’re respectful. Thank you for joining us!

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Maritza Cummings was Formerly Known as Mark Angelo Cummings Transman on a Mission Saved By God

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Any of my opinions or beliefs are mine, I do not expect anyone to follow my path or advice. You all have free will and should consult your health care professional for further information.

The Show that dares discuss real issues with real solutions. It’s time to break free from programming and ask the real questions are you right with your creator?

My name is Maritza I am a detransitioner, Father’s daughter and his Warrior. I lived a life missing the Mark, but Father took me away from it all. You are perfect the way you are and you are loved. Carry your cross, and come and learn about the good news, there is a better way to live life, step away from your earthly desires and live the Spirit Way. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, learn how to find it.

Thank you for your support, I Love you guys and remember to always love yourselves and each other.

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