The US and North Korea: A Rational Path In the direction of Warfare?

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The most war-addicted Guntard-Nation on earht (USA) bullies again the very peaceful Nations (like NK) that dare to resist the Imperium of hypocrates.
Active Guntards are ridiculous. They are making 99% of earths trouble. We dont need you.

Sika Sakissa

Weren't China and Russia seen as tech suppliers in the recent DPRK parades of equipment? North Korea can look to its neighbors for low cost help in launch/propulsion/re-entry advancement?

Luka Preradović

Hwasong-12 is 4800km and Hwasong-14 could go 9700km with 500kg payload according to John Schilling.


the only thing the US can really do is maintain itself in the peninsula and try to wait out NK's government and hope it DOES collapse. China will not help if it means a continued US presence in a united Korea. they will continue to use the Kim dynasty and their nuclear program as playing cards against the US, hoping that the US will either pull out of SK as a result of domestic change or that SK will fall into China's orbit far enough that they force the US out.


War is inevitable as North Korea will continue to develop its nuclear program. They will eventually be able to hit major cities of North America. It does not matter if they launch or not..the American people will be too afraid for it to happen. As a result, there will be enough support from the public to invade North Korea.


gotta take em out


We have to wait for Putin's directive on this. If Putin tells Trump to invade then we will


the US has attempted to & often succeed to violently topple 4 sovereign independant goverments in the last decade , the chance of convincing Pyongyang to relinquish it's nuclear weapons program is next to 0


FUCK THE USA !!! North Korea will nuke ur motherfucking Zionist heads so better behave.

Sune Nymann

STRATFOR the hypocrisy of neocons. All the US has to do is meddling with North Korea and all will be fine. The reason they keep developing their nuclear capabilities is because they don't want to end up like the rest of Bush's "Axis of Evil".

faceless corporation

take your obsolete foreign policy war machine to the tribunals that will follow the trump administration.