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Topless Robot Podcast – #56 – Banned in China

This week on the Topless Robot Podcast, Brooks is on vacation, so Kalen joins Ryan, Tyler, and Dan as the crew makes sure they’re never invited to China. (We know there are some autofocus problems on this episode. Sorry about that. Not much we can do to fix it in post.)
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Brent Jo C.
Brent Jo C.
7 months ago

Mario Odyssey resolution changes, not just as a whole but it halves environmental stuff when you pan the camera around. Definitely look up Digital Foundry's analysis on it, it's interesting.

Also BotW didn't see much slowdown on Switch since it was already lower resolution (30fps) versus Link's Awakening's default 60.

Also, also, New Nintendo Switch just shrunk down the Tegra X1 that the original Switch (among other older Android devices) so it physically drains less power from the battery. Nothing else really changed with the new Switch. No faster anything, really.

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