“Trump CAN’T inform us what to do“ Chris Wallace vs Reince Priebus HEATED debate

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‘That is what they’ve in dictatorships’: Chris Wallace rips Priebus for wanting a ‘state-run media’ Chris Wallace Rips Reince Priebus Over Trump’s Assaults on …


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Wayne Renee
Lmfao. President Trump has a way of stirring up the media with his tweets, and his comments about fake news. This is his plan. Most people don't get it. He's got the media on defense, of themselves. This way he renders them into marionette dolls and he's got the strings. Then while the liberal left media clowns are trying to figure out what to do…he takes their queen. This is a chess game. Trump enjoys this amusement with the left. The more they report garbage, the more fun it is to play. He gets you to look at his left,… Read more »
Whalyanoec Miosroliecya
Whalyanoec Miosroliecya

Good work Chris, Priebus is a grub, just like his politically illiterate boss!




It's all a show ….. divide and distract ….. the media is rubbish, and so are both sides of government!

Julia Wait

Did this guy get his name from Star Trek?

Kevin Parsley

All of these things he is complaining about are the consequence of being an administration that the people DID NOT WANT!

Peter Udoka

Yes nobody in trumps gang I mean political organization is in communication with the Russians except for some guy named Flynn. He doesn't count. Let's clap for all the idiots that voted for Trump. Make America great again one traitor at a time.

Paul Gregory

'Look what happened in Sweden'. 'I will release my tax return when the audit is completed'. 'The murder rate is the highest in 47 years'. 'I won the most Electoral college votes of any President since Ronald Reagan'. Trump makes his own fake news.

Fernando Orozco

Trump:: Will make America hungry again!! lol

John Smith

Chris Wallace is a liberal regressive douch, how is he on Fox. Send him to NBC with Megyn Kelly.


You tell 'em Chris. Trump can not control the free press.

Dav Mac

Trump is telling to the media what to do, Trump is telling to the media what they are doing. Trump did not do a Muslim ban, Trump did a ban full stop.

CreepyPasta Al Dente

How can something be both "inaccurate" AND "over-stated"? If its inaccurate, that means it's wrong. If it's over-stated, that means it's correct but hyperbolic. You can't say both, it makes no sense……… oh wait….. theyre republicans, they never make sense, now i get it

Mark G

I LOVE seeing a reporter doing his job…….be it Fox News or anyone else!

This is the sort of reporting we need from EVERY news organization. It is not the job of the press to be nice to the president.


President Donald Trump

Johnny Law

Trump wants to get rid of the First Amendment and stop everyone from being free this guy wants to be a dictator he doesn't want anything that is American to exist in the next four years wake up people