Trump I will not attend the Correspondent’s Dinner

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5 Comments on "Trump I will not attend the Correspondent’s Dinner"

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Alpha male? Ha! Trump is such a pussy.

Cassandra Jones

it only proves that he doesn't want to unite the country

Pabcde. Babcde.

While Trump gets all the attention with silliness like this, what's going on at the WH that no
one sees or hears about? What do guys like Bannon & Miller do all day while Trump is using
his on-going fights to distract attention? Trump is the matador waving his red cape at the
"bull" — the news media. The "bull" keeps charging while Trump dances away to yet another
issue. The 'lyin' media' are being lead away from the real threats from DT's "Inner Circle" —
maybe 'coven' is the better term.


So why even give the ungodly feck a minute of airtime? These are distractions Trump makes while his minions in Congress and his family are committing corruption of the highest order. Newsmedia: Do your job.

Diane Owen

I think it would be great to have Alec Baldwin there. Why not make it a real party for the press. Celebrate, laugh and have fun. You deserve it!