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Trump makes surprise Thanksgiving visit to US Troops in Afghanistan; Hong Kongers rally to thank US

NTD Evening News- 11/28/2019
1. Trump Makes Surprise Thanksgiving Visit to American Troops in Afghanistan
2. Strong Winds Don’t Stop the Balloons From Flying: 93rd Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
3. Hong Kongers Hold Thanksgiving Rally to Express Gratitude to the U.S.
4. Hong Kong Protests: ‘A Cry for Help’ to Lawmakers
5. EU Lawmakers Approve Increasing U.S. Beef Imports
6. CBP Seizes More Than 5,000 Fake IDs
7. Pastry Chef Builds 12-Foot Sugar Castle
8. South Korean Military Says North Korea Fired Two Short-Range Projectiles
9. EU Could Impose New Sanctions on Iran, Says French Defense Minister
10. Poudlard in Paris: Inside a School of Magic
11. Paris Auction Offers Chance to Step Into Napoleon’s Shoes
12. The Best of Venice, LA’s Quintessential Beach Town
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