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Tsuredure Children (Dub), Episode 1-2 "Confession" and "Spring" Blind Reaction

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My face hurts from all the smiling…

This, is just disgustingly sweet. I ADORE this show already haha. Now… let’s see if I can learn like more than 2 of the characters names…

Also there will be another episode on Friday covering Eps 3 and 4!

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Hey, hi, ho, and howdy my anime compadre’s! That’s right, it’s finally happened… I finally married a peng- wait… NO that’s not what this video is about! This video is a reaction video!

This time we are covering Tsuredure Children (#Tsurezure Children), Episodes 1 and 2!

Somethings to note:

Outside of the subtitles of the video, I won’t be including video content so as to avoid any real trouble from the great gods of video that have really every right to ask me not to use their content.

Same thing with audio.

I will include a timer and a link to whatever I’m watching so you can be sure to keep up and watch whatever I happen to be viewing along side me.

There will be exceptions to these rules (Primarily RoosterTeeth Content as they are very forgiving when it comes to such videos) But unless told other wise, simply expect these rules!

I must also ask to keep spoilers out of the comment section, I want to say I don’t have to say that but… lord knows there’s always that one guy… come on Steve… don’t be that guy.

Any and all video content used in these videos is the rightful property of those who own said content. The only thing I make claim to is the voice that comes out of my face and the work put into editing the video.


Zinnia’s Theme Remix by Emdasche

Link to our Tsuredure Children Playlist!

If you care to keep up with me in ways other than just this channel, you can find me on Twitter @ShannonLShook

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just see your poll .. when i see hyouka in that poll, that was autosubs for me, but i already sub for quite a time xD
keep doing your thing man, appriciate it!

Mag Mell
Mag Mell

This show is great, I never learned their names though. I only called them by their hair colour or occupation. The redhead was my favorite.