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Turbocharged: A Beginners Guide to Writing Highly Performant C# Code – Steve Gordon

Steve Gordon (Madgex / Microsoft MVP)

Session outline:
There are amazing things happening with C# and .NET Core in regards to performance. We have new types such as Span Of T and Memory Of T for working with and parsing in-memory data. We have pipelines for high-performance IO and we have ArrayPool, MemoryPool and ObjectPool to help reduce GC allocations. Many more great things are on the horizon in .NET Core 3.0 such as Utf8String and new built-in JSON APIs which add to the performance arsenal. Internally, these have been used by Microsoft teams to optimize .NET Core and ASP.NET Core. Now it’s time to apply them to your code!

These features can seem complex, unapproachable and difficult to apply. In this session, Steve will share his journey of learning about and applying these tools when building high-throughput .NET Core worker services. You’ll learn about the motivations that led Steve to begin exploring these cool new features and you’ll see how they can be applied to production code. This talk is for developers, who like Steve, are ready to begin their journey towards writing faster .NET code, which allocates less.

This session was recorded at:
.NET Core Summer Event 2019
June 22nd 2019
Info Support HQ
The Netherlands

This event was sponsored by:

Info Support


The .NET Foundation


DotNed – .NET Usergroup NL

Several contributors on Open Collective

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