Tusk President of the European Council and Vice President Pence maintain press convention in Brussels

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10 Comments on "Tusk President of the European Council and Vice President Pence maintain press convention in Brussels"

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Trevor Gman
Pence did not have the balls to answer the first reporters question LOL Filibustered the first question. Typical loser Trump Admin. Neither did Nato secretary dude.. LOL but really how could you answer that question without looking like even bigger fools then not answering. It was a valid question, to the reality of Trumps idiot Tweets and Crap he then says ALL THE TIME. LOL second question LOL What a stammering beginning trying to think of his conditioned response. And DID NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION. LOL Nato secretary dude good answer but did not answer a yes or no. Third… Read more »

I'm European and I think Europeans are pathetic for relying on the United States for their own security when the EU is richer than the US. They should pay up

Cesar Herrera

donal is more like the presidente of the presidente of US

Joanna X

That's not Tusk, that's Rasmussen Head of NATO.

Richard Willford

As much as I hate Trump (and Pence), on this one he is dead right: All NATO members must pay their 2%!
It deeply pisses me off that our so-called leadership simply don't do their jobs or live up to promises – and this, of course, goes beyond the realm of defense. These deprivations are the very reason why shit heads like Le Pen, Wilders and Trump are on the rise.

Robert Drymajlo

Also that guy next to Pence is not Tusk

Nial Pearce
I really hope Trump gets removed/Impeached/dies anytime soon and replaced by Mike Pence.I had my doubts about Pence to start with, but its obvious now that he is being used and abused by Trump who is telling him what he can and cant say. Even being forced to spout Trump's lies, VP Pence behaves like a president and isn't going to be a guy that gets blackmailed by Russia with a video of him watching 2 hookers piss on a bed! He also has the benefit of KNOWING HOW THINGS WORK!!! Something Trump lacks, Bigly!Trump is a loose cannon who… Read more »
Leslie Fisk

pence is the president he signing thing and meeting world leaders and act as president ????


imagine Trump's speech if he was there. " The Fake Nato draining our Banks. Nato the enemy of the people. Russia our friends. Nuclear war a very bad thing. No one was expecting me to get more than 222. Sweden! Let me tell you about Sweden…." Kill the mic! Kill the Mic! Get that lunatic out of here!

Ben Robinson

Have to say, Pence is sounding far more Presidential than that buffoon Chump.