TYT – 11.28.17: Dems vs Trump, Navajo Nation President, North Korea, and Immigration Cops

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A portion of our Younger Turks Primary Present from November 28th, 2017. For extra go to http://www.tytnetwork.com/be a part of. Hour 1: Ben Mankiewicz, Brett Erlich, …


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vicente silva

Eyyyy group Salinas! Mexican power! Tv Azteca/Televisa!

Bijou Smith

Normally I loath trivial comments. But can I just once make this plea… Please Cenk and TYT do not put picture of that man up on the screen behind you. Make it a point of resistance, don't even give satirical cartoons of him air time. He is a revolting individual POTUS and seeing his horrid face is giving a lot of us bad dreams. We like your commentary, but can do without those images . Had to just listen to this TYT episode.

Bijou Smith

BTW massive government debt has never ever been a big problem for countries like the USA who basically dictate the World Bank and IMF. What causes economic crashes is massive PRIVATE Debt.. totally different to government debt. The GOP have it all wrong about the need to run a country like a family with surpluses and no debt. Families cannot print money. That's a huge difference is it not. Governments can afford to run debts for long periods with some reasonable inflation controls, families cannot.


FUNNY how they don't report on how the Navajo community has PRAISED Trump for calling out warren on NOT being a native American but claiming she is, that nothing Trump said was racist, calling someone "Pocahontas" is not racist, and they say "Geronimo" all the time for fun. STOP WITH THE FAKE OFFENSE victim card playing cucks! You losers are SUCH losers!


No member of the Navajo community is praising trump. That is Pure Master Pete Banus

John Frank

The courts have already sided with #45 on this situation. Trump is a dictator being allowed to destroy everything that governs this country. Americans, you are fucked, you hired a TV personality to run the country, it's really kinda funny in that this fiasco is loosely based on the hatred of Obama.


the navajo were in JAPAN!!! breaking code

Dizzy Mick

Still no news here !
Hillery Fans 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

j jay

so you are quoting a known liar like warren? geezus guys talk about a "jordan" move

Lowell Pack