U.S., North Korea conflict at UN Safety Council assembly

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북, 핵보유국 vs 미국 비핵화까지 압박, 안보리 장관급 회의서 정면 충돌 Our high story this afternoon… The USA and North Korea have gone toe-to-toe over the…


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The North Korean envoy is an embarrassment they look like a bunch of street thugs and can barely speak English.


North Korea: We would rather eat grass than giving up our nuclear weapons.


There are NO NUKES, and have NEVER been Nukes stationed in South Korea. The USA has NEVER put Nukes in South Korea. South Koreans are NOT captives of the U.S. South Koreans ARE one of the MOST ADVANCED NATIONS ON EARTH. KOREANS DO NOT FLEE THE ROK, Koreans flee the DPRK. Even Loyal DPRK soldiers try to EVACUATE at Panmunjon, and are shot at by their "Comrades". How dare the DPRK SPEAK OF INTEGRITY. THEY KILL MORE KOREANS THAN ANYONE EVER HAS.


South Korea is PRAISED by ALL NATIONS ON EARTH as Proof of the Korean fighting Spirit of "Chollima". North Korea is a beggar with a big Bomb. North Korea ought realize that that The US has had such a bomb more than 60 years ago. The Dprk is not great because of their stupid Monarchy. North Koreans deserve the same respect as South Koreans. Unfortunately, they WORSHIP a FALSE Child King, and his FALSE Christianity inspired God Family. Ironic for a self reliant Atheist Utopia. Once the true Atheists fell (USSR), They all starved thanks to the Fucking Kim's

Beverly Ford

Chatter box with no reason meaning or concious 🤢🖕

Doe Doe

Ya bitch ass mf didnt hesitate to go get Saddam. Why tf ya hesitating to go get kim jong un? Fuckin trash ass scary mf. Go to nk and get that fat bastard out then. All that talkin aint gonna solve shit. Go on now, send our fine troops to nk. Some will die but oh well, we'll jus say they died for our freedom and our country right? Yea

David Boson

When was the last time Nth Korea attacked the USA or any other nation?

How many nations have been attacked by the USA in the last 70 years?

Jill's Sandwiches

You know the fastest way to end all of this?
Trump gives America's companies 1-2 years to withdraw their factories out of China, recognize Taiwan as the "true China",let Japan Remilitarize, arm Japan, Korea and Taiwan with Nukes and THAAD systems and also have a military presence in India with THAAD Systems in place and there you go.

Watch how fast Russia and China gets their shit together. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't like nukes and THAAD systems on their doorstep.

anthony ortega

Relax…..common ground…. Consider how to find out a new ground….i know its difficult ….north would not be unwilling to denuclearize…if it did not show up…..friendship….what new ground can be grown?

Zanar Aesthetics

North Korea broke all human right laws. Such treatment of humans is disgraceful and inhuman. Firing bombs over Japan clearly shows NK is reckless country with idiotic leaders that should be wiped out

Neil Stclair

I wished my people had nuclear wepons, sorry columbus and manifest destiny.

Jerry G

Give up the nukes or die, fat boy.

Mambo L

China and Russia is definitely blind or pretending to be blind