U.S. Helps Army Motion Towards North Korea

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Military Today

A majority of Americans, 58 percent, would support military intervention in North Korea if the U.S. ultimately fails to achieve its goals via peaceful means.

Abdul Rahim

head in pot..world watching for your military or peace..sure now peace is good for all for north korea..

William Patrick

We need to upgrade our nuclear weapons' silos, and bring back our high yield nuclear bombs. Obama dismantled all america's last big bombs, while other countries have been allowed to make bombs as big as they want.

Lingam Ritz

American can't fight n Korea ok this is not Arabic country or Muslims country. ……until Americans suffering here not easy fight n Korea army all n Korean fight fighters

mostafa Mohamed

USA can't attacked Korea Because Korea his nuclear American can attacked Arabic country and Muslim just

Brenda Proffitt

Totally awesome and incredible why not we just build them ourselves again? ?? Just asking ?? Every time we want peace people seem they just don't specially a crazy person like kim

Keith Hanson

There is no peaceful resolution to this . We keep on waiting around they will have a nuke that can hit anyone . We need to assainate him and his party . But talk isn't working it never will .

alexis riddock

I think everyone should support trump and get it over with and let him do this 🚀 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 before its too late and he does it 💯

bangali france

why the other countries are not allwoud to get the nuclear bomb and then only usa? this is my question;
supremacy=usa the others= shutup like dogs!!! usa are very bad!!!

Preussen über alles

What a wonder!
The majority of Pindostanis are loonies and bullies.


As for Vietnam. The lesson was already forgotten .. In addition, there, there's Nuclear games.
Comme pour le Vietnam. La leçon a été déja oubliée.. En plus, là, il y a du nucléaire en jeux.

Dr Bendover

they fly close to the border to light up their radars so they can be pinpointed for further action when the time comes.

john clark
This is all propaganda by the globalist to get WW3 started they want depopulation and according to them 90 percent of us got to go and how do you even know what Kim Jong Un is even doing anyway and do you notice that they keep playing the same video with the same missile on it and I notice they keep playing the same audio with that Korean lady in the back round does any body really know what the hell she is even saying I believe the globalists are telling the mainstream bullshit media to tell everyone she is… Read more »
Allison Osborne

We need to do something!

Corazon Fernandez

America should bombs the North Korea to dismantle and destroy all their nuclear bombs of mass destructions. North Korea continue to test their cruise missile. There is no peaceful solution to this but to destroy all their nuclear bombs. North Korea continue to threat the United States and Allies. Japan should start to use their militaries to stop this North Korea leader madness.


what do you do with an insane power hungry leader that only wants to pick on the big guy.

George Niky

High time to bring down kim jon un like saddam hussian was brought down