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UBI via Bitcoin: Andrew Yang

A dapp can be developed via Hedera Hashgraph to create virtual identity for every person that joins the network. This network can be governed by Hedera and joined by U.S citizens (for the $1000 dividend per month) . A currency similar to Carbon Fiber (CUSD) will have to be created in Hashgraph to have a specific role in being a UBI distributed to every user that has a minimum of 150 verified users on this network.
Please share this video to any Ethereum or Hedera programmers.
Credits to: Aeon Animus (Mastermind of Algorithm)

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Tech Vision
Tech Vision
8 months ago

Joining network / verification / how it works 0:10
Government issued licence for security on network 14:04
Broad money supply distribution (10,000 stable units $0.10 or 1,000 stable units $1.00) 16:15

Share video to Hedera / Ethereum programmers and also Andrew Yang. This would essentially be freedom dividend longterm

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