UK Labour chief Jeremy Corbyn pays a go to to the EU Brexit negotiator in Brussels

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The UK Labour chief Jeremy Corbyn paid a go to to Brussels on Wednesday to get to know the EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and his crew.


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Hypocrite. Always opposed the EU. When push came to shove he chose Remain and now he's meeting the EU. He hasn't got the courage of his convictions and would sell out his country to get himself power. Still, he's 68 now, hopefully not around for much longer.

Galway's Finest!


Devon Doorways

All the usual suspects in the room inc abbot and then sturgeon. Meddling by the looks of things.

Glen Browne

Corbyn you are a sad pathetic loser you will never be a prime minister ,the real British people hate your guts


I'm not Barnier's biggest fan – but come on, no one should be forced to spend hours stuck in a room with Corbyn, Abbot and Sturgeon. 

The pathetic attempts at divide and rule failed over Ulster and Gibraltar so now the EU goes back on it's word and speaks to these traitors … do the EU even know Corbyn's Eurosceptic history ?  The EU is rattled, they thought they could bully Britain – but they can't, we're leaving, most likely with no deal  🙂

roger rogers

Ok he had a chance to go full bore brexit but now he is finished, holding up brexit in ANY WAY is unacceptable . He is just meddling

Ste U.K.

What a prick this Corbyn is. Anyone noticed that he's getting fatter? Must be eating fairly good a lot better than some of the minority's that follow him blindly.