UK PM Could BREXIT SPEECH FULL; Britian to depart the Single Market

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Key Factors UK will depart European single market Not in search of partial or affiliate membership A really world Britain Funding in financial infrastructure EU …


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Many bothens dies to give us this information

So Turner

Just: "A TRULY GLOBAL BRITAIN" Reuters? This point, can be easily, misconstrued!

Daniel Smith

There's going to be a lot fo butthurt liberals…step in Tim Farron.

ramsey sixthreethree

less money for the eu to dish out once were out all the takers will be angry their free handouts will be reduced


It will help other contries to return to your self-determination.

Oliver C

Now the BBC will say this speech was the dirct work of PUTIN.


Well done Theresa May! One of the best speeches for years and saying it how it actually is and how they can take it or leave it. About time we had a PM with a bit of bottle!


Brilliant speech, let's do it.

It was not decided in the UK … but over ten years ago in Germany. At that time, Germany had redefined its social standards and labor law, which had grown over 50 years, by means of a controversial law. It is called Agenda_2010 and Hartz IV.The master plan for this law was already published in Berlin in 1928 by a national-minded technocrat. This law has made a great sacrifice for workers.This law initiative was only possible by reaching the post-war goals. This was German unity and a common currency in a European alliance. Since then, Germany has lowered its wages… Read more »
Xeef Tube

This means one leg in EU and the another one outside of EU!!!!!!

Lozz Dee

An awful lot of British people have been longing for years to hear a British PM make a speech like this- hope this vision gets fully implemented. This is a historic and world shaping moment for us- politicians who speak against this are in my view not for the people of this country.


Right, Remoaners:

Are YOU now prepared to back Mrs May – in every way you can – in her attempt to make Brexit a SUCCESS for our great nation ?

Or are you just going to sit in the corner and sulk in the dark, and silently pray that the country's economy and social structure crash in flames ?

underwater kingdom

here, here well said!

Jila Tana

Any 'Free trade agreement' that includes the possibility for companies to sue governments for legislation that have a negative impact on their business, will be voted down by the dutch public.
I can't understand that anyone in Europe would want this.
It would lead to governments having to ask permission of the global companies before implementing new legislation.
Unacceptable !


We don't need to wait for Europe's answer to this… I think their answer will be "More Europe".


if she backtracks, god help her.

robin 1
‘’Author Frederick Forsyth appeared on the BBC’s Any Questions panel at the end of 2016, speaking about the hidden agenda of the EU; which really isn’t that hidden any more, and the indifference of the people to the future of democracy is seemingly proportionate to the ignorance of the media commentariat, most of whom simply dismiss Freddie Forsyth as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and peddler of myths. When asked ‘Will the security risk increase for Great Britain?’ he doesn’t answer directly, but instead quotes Jean Monnet – Postmodern Pater Europae – who professedly wrote in 1952: Europe’s nations should be guided… Read more »