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Greetings Masters, Universal Mother Here, Going forward Tom Price’s YouTube Channel “The Positive Side of 2012” will be posting ALL Intel – – as his Site is the Galactic Federation of Light Official Site for Information and Updates. In other works, this channel here (Divinity XSapphire) will be posting no more videos (Tom will let you know if that changes via his channel.) We are launching our Truth Warrior Platform. All Masters go to Tom Price Patreon ( ) – – and check in – – to Activate your Mission and confirm your Mission Contract is Valid in this Now. As per the Galactic Codex you have an Unalienable Right to the Truth and to Freedom.
The series of Events are unfolding. Stay away from sites that are not connected to the Orb. Many that were still Infiltrated by the Deep State interfered with the Event – – as they were unaware, they were heavily infiltrated and were taken over and misleading. The information they were getting was tainted and 90 percent was not accurate. Some were aware and some were not.

FROM ASHTAR COMMAND Transmission for the A-Team- M-7

Greeting Dear Ones, You all have the admiration of the entire star fleet. You have accomplished much with little ground support.
The Law of One Christ consciousness protocol affirmation has been successfully deployed in the subconsciousness of the surface population via a modulated ELF wave signal (Extremely Low Frequency) embedded within the Ley Lines frequency of the Matrix Core. Full consciousness strike is in affect! It will take a few earth days for everyone to reboot and the subconscious information to be transferred to their conscious mind.
Many will have an innate knowing that something is not right within their 3D reality. They will be looking for answers. The Positive Side of 2012 Patreon page will be the primary location for posting Consciousness Information.
Light Masters: You are tasked with being the teachers of your brothers, sisters, and fellow Light workers.

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