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Unranked to Challenger Support Leona Gold 4

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For the best builds and counters quickly in champ select – check out U.GG

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Welcome to the Lohpally Unranked to Challenger series! I play by myself on a fresh new account beginning from unranked placements and onwards while providing full commentary to help you learn how to climb and carry your own games – even in low elo!

As a support there are many ways you can impact the game no matter what rank you are. This series will help you learn a variety of things, such as how to handle different game situations, as well as understand the capabilities a champion has. Watch what a high elo challenger support does in a low elo game! This game focuses on Support Lux


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Stephen Striegel

I am Suavarino in your Twitch chat. I rarely speak cuz I can't find way to donate, so I never say too much (I am an American living in Brasil and Amazon flags my attempt as fraud each time I try to access my AMZN acct). I wanna say you have the most informative stream I have found, and it's a hell of a lot of fun too! Your videos are also top of the line as well. In short IMHO you are one of the finest content creators in all of LOL and your stream deserves to be HUGE.… Read more »