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Update on Alligator in Chicago, Chicago is not tornado proof, Food Trucks at Berwyn Station & More!

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Norman Keena
Norman Keena

24:30 'svensker siger ' svartz skalle, her i danmark' Swedes say black heads here in denamr… neah, lost in translation. Me greenland drinking buddy, whom does not drink any more, damm traitor to our cause. He was at a 50th birthday party in town yesterday. And some snobby, sweedish family member, lives in Esbjerg, 'Iceburg' said, what are all these black people doing here, me greenland mate took it ill said

Norman Keena
Norman Keena

'Update on Alligator in Chicago, Update on Alligator in Chicago'. C'mom c'mon c'mon, don't patronize me. This is a joke, right. Humbolt Park, Humbolt, is the name of some geographer. Some Charles Darwin type of person. And it is not a 'Lagoon' it is just an artificial lake, is it not. Now I don't believe anything else. What was that other item. The only black woman in town with a bookshop. What is that too What was her special, 'comparative literature' compared to what, Update on Alligator in Chicago hehe. This is too silly, I won't be able to sleep… Read more »