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User Model in Swift 5 and Xcode 10.2 (EASY)

Learn how to create your very own User Model in Swift 5 and Xcode 10.2!

Creating a User Model can be easy but it can be hard depending on what you want to achieve. In this video I’ll dive deep into creating a User Model in Swift 5 that you can use with a Server. Keep your Swift models clean. Define Your Data Model.

Let’s get to work!

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Rebeloper - Rebel Developer
Rebeloper - Rebel Developer

How do you construct your data models?

Uday Babariya
Uday Babariya

How can we store this User Model in userDefaults?

Uday Babariya
Uday Babariya

Great Video….

Mohammad Tahir
Mohammad Tahir

It's good, but also available codable model. easy with clean code.