Vice President Mike Pence One-on-One with Maria Bartiromo. #MariaBertiromo #MikePence

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4 Comments on "Vice President Mike Pence One-on-One with Maria Bartiromo. #MariaBertiromo #MikePence"

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Tsuka 2104
Fox News=Trump News. Jake Tapper, Cooper etc all pitched fastballs to Obama from time to time. How can any self identifying right winger not see through this bullshit? Softball, spoonfed questions. Oh yah I forgot… they can say merry Christmas again and will put up with anything as long as their president isn’t black. Sell our land to your billionaire friends, deregulate our workplaces, cut back on safety (look up Grenfell tower), dispose your lead and mercury in our lakes. I can go to the bank or the doctor and pay them with the loudest Merry Christmas I can muster… Read more »

Pence is excruciatingly sanctimonious.
As slippery as a preacher in a pulpit.


Why does he keep talking only about Pensilvania

Christian Romero

No the G.O.P will not have the voets!..they can only afford choose one vote in the Senate. There's no way!