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Victoria Taft – OAN, Reporting and Politics

Victoria Taft – OAN, Reporting and Politics – Victoria Taft has been in the news business for decades. It’s been her passion since she was a little kid. That passion, and an independent streak led her to the OAN network as a base…and podcasting as her personal expression.

Pete A Turner and best-selling, award-winning author Scott Huesing sit down with Victoria on a rare cold day in San Diego–they still sat outside and enjoyed a beautiful day–the three talked politics and returning some credibility to news, and sanity to commentary.

Check out Victoria’s Adult in the Room Podcast

BTW things move fast in the world…many of the issues discussed in the episode have been replaced by equally vapid topics that are designed to inflame rather than inform.

HaikuVictoria TaftAdult in the Room PodcastOAN News reporterSimilar episodes:Mindi AbairAlison Bedell Michael Gaston Join us in supporting Save the Brave by making a monthly donation. Executive Producer/Host/Intro: Pete A. Turner Co-Producer/Host: Scott Huesing Producer: Damjan Gjorgjiev ​ ​ ​Writer: Bojan Spasovski

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