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VSAT Global-Integrasys Interview – Satellite world news and Applications

VSAT Global-Integrasys Interview in which you are going to be able to hear Alvaro Sanchez, CEO of Integrasys, talking about the latest applications and news of the satellite world.

0:15 1.º Can you tell us a little bit about Intergasys and what a typical day in the office is like for you as the CEO?
1:01 2º Which satellite applications would you say are in greater demand?
1:38 3º How do cellular networks compete with, and complement, satellite networks?
2:18 4º Are there any traditional applications or precess that you feel are hindering satellite enterprises?
2:53 5º What is the current state of satellite broadband?
3:40 6º What are the key changes you anticipate in the next 3 or 5 years that will impact the satellite industry?
5:06 7º What are the highlights of VSAT Global & Next Generation Satellite applications 2019?

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