Wall Road Privately Asks for a Delay in Conflict with North Korea

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The Winter Olympics are scheduled for this coming February IN South Korea!!I don't expect anything to happen in that region of the world until AFTER the games.Now, in the Middle East?! THAT is a whole nother Ballgame!!! Everything is happening SO FAST There! We are watching Bible End Time Prophecy happening in THAT Region at an INCREDIBLE RATE, Just even in this year alone!!


Dave, I tried to register when I got to the site it came to asking me if I was a robot I said no I was not and then the page died. Something is wrong with the site please advise them.I would like to be put on your list for the free site for the seminar thank you.

Naomi Starling

wall street was also the place for the first bombing brought in by horse and buggy hhhmmmmm wonder why??

Maura Livingston

Give me a break – NK is run by the C I A right? What is this – propoganda? Thinking you're being fed NWO narrative by ur "sources" – they ALWAYS want war & profit from both sides. There is NO NEED for a war. Period.

Jan alien

perhaps all future wars should be held in the south of France, the weather is quite nice, so I am told.

Paul Visintini

Why would there be WAR when we are 50 years ahead in the tech. market…..DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS . ETC. get out of the MIDDLE EAST