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WAR ON THE WEEKENDS: Hong Kong in a Year of Uprisings @ Bluesotckings, NY February 12, 2020

Chino and Wren who recently returned from Hong Kong hosted a discussion on the Hong Kong uprisings.

The protests, misunderstood among the international left, express the deep-seated popular discontent with political authoritarianism and economic inequality–much like other recent global rebellions, but in a unique context. We will discuss the movement’s street tactics, broader political meaning and direction, strengths and potential limitations. Hong Kong organizers will join us over video for on-the-ground perspectives.

Wren and Chino May are both members of Unity and Struggle, a small nationwide anti-state communist collective, and organize in the Bronx with Take Back the Bronx. They traveled to Hong Kong most recently in November 2019, to learn from family, friends and comrades taking part in the movement.

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