Warning – Do not Get Duped Into Building Make Money Websites

So many online marketers advertise with flashy, hype web pages categorized as make money websites. However, many of the sites you'll visit in the "make money websites" category are just plain rubbish. Make money websites (or money making websites as most of us call them) are simple websites put together by honest people who offer goods or services that people actually want. That's the kind of site you should put together. This article will give you tips on how to put together a non flashy money making website.

Keep It Simple Stupid

The old KISS formula has worked for nearly a century in the business to business selling environment and the business to consumer environment. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. Your website should be simple yet concise. Flashy websites that scream "Buy My Stuff!" should be avoided.

One Thing At A Time Please

Good websites will usually ask you to take one specific action. It could be to subscribe to a newsletter, offer a free report, and offer a tangible object to mail or simply to buy now. Websites that have AdWords all over the place are typically spam sites or amateur sites. So they should be avoided. And by all means, do not make a website like that. You'll lose credibility quick.

Quality Over Quantity

I would much rather have one really good product than 20 crappy products, whether information products or tangible goods. Quality trumps quantity every time. Just because a website offers a boat load of bonuses to entice you to buy from their site does not mean the actual product you are purchasing is any good. Make sure what you are offering is of value to the person visiting your site. Otherwise they will just leave and never come back to your site again.

Source by Shane MM Boyd

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