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Webinar — Disinformation pandemic: Russian & Chinese info ops in the COVID-19 era | LIVE STREAM

Was the COVID-19 virus produced in the US? Was it created by the US Army? So Moscow and Beijing would have you believe.

Russia and China aggressively manipulate perceptions to achieve their own aims. Their increasingly aggressive information campaigns are converging in method and narrative. What can the US and its allies — and the average citizen — do to inoculate against these disinformation viruses?

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Huawei is a criminal organization.
Huawei is a criminal organization.
2 months ago

I would suggest to you, strongly, that you identify the speakers and list their qualification BEFORE AEI.

Huawei is a criminal organization.
Huawei is a criminal organization.
2 months ago

Excellent presentation. However, I think you should concentrate much more on the CCP's concealment and suppression of the information, while they were shipping Chinese residents out of the country to points across the globe. You will never know whether it was "let out of a lab" or not. Ever. That line of inquiry is a speculative DOD concern. On the other hand, China's actual behavior in the immediate few weeks after discovery is quite impossible to deny. They cannot escape it, this is based on the facts in evidence. It is quite damning enough. They were certainly incompetent, and their… Read more »

Merlin Geikie
Merlin Geikie
2 months ago

Build trust and reduce internal tensions folk.

2 months ago

wanna be friends?

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