What Merkel’s Election Win Means for Germany

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Sep.25 — Former German Protection Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg discusses the result of the German election with Bloomberg’s Emma Chandra on …


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Bluewren Reilly

Oh my I have such sympathy for her ,not! That she actually got her butt back in at all is amazing.


It means the country with the 4th highest GDP is still completely controlled by the center- right. Not that it would make much of a difference if the centrists or the center-left took over. China is pretty much the only enemy of the West in the top ten and they're ranked much lower than you'd think, in terms of purchasing power.

Notorious Rogue

Why because she is a loving good kind Christian Woman!!..f**k!! dah Nazi party they are mah enemy like they were dah enemy of mah Great Grand Pappy back in World War 2 to take out Adolf Hitler and dah S.S. and will fight you again you Bastards!!..no matter what cost will sniper and kill your skin head soldiers bitch!!

don quattrocchi

can someone tell me …. How she managed to win ????