What to Spend Your Redundancy Money On

UK Ltd is sick, a bad cold from USA Inc. What's the remedy? Well some attention to the medication (the financial system) and time is the answer. But what of the casuality? Who is going to look after them?

The cruelties of all this economic meltdown and mess, which no doubt will be advanced by the remaining who still have a job, will be millions of unemployed – unemployment is set to rise to 7.7% worldwide average in 2009.

So let's get to reality. What are people going to do with their redundancy packages – those that get any that is?

They can look around for another job and hope that they do not run out of money until they find one.

They could try to buy a franchise, but is that really wise in a recession? I do not think so.

Or they could take their hearts in their hands, and take control of their lives, decide to step outside the box, and realize their true potential. By this I mean, they could go into business for themselves. Take control for their decisions, reap all the financial benefits themselves and sometimes even live their dreams out.

So what is around? Well like I said there are franchises, but these are expensive and whilst they could leave you with £ 80,000 profit after a year of really hard work, stress and running around (similar to your old job) the thought of investing £ 150 / 200,000 in a franchise would make most people run for the hills.

We have followed a different life path. We have determined that we want total control of our lives, total control of the outcome of our actions, total freedom to live as we want to live. So what did we do? We joined together in a community of like minded people. We all want, think and believe the same things. Yes we want to make money and some of us make 6 figure incoming month in month out, but it is more than that.

It is equally about control of our time and efforts and it is about leveraging our time and efforts.We could have chosen to be employees (we once were) but we realized that we were only making money for someone else.

We saw that 1 in 100 people retire comfortably at 65. That was just not good enough. We could have become employed – we would have had more time but still we would have to trade time for money and we know that only 5% of small businesses are around 10 years later. So that was not so hot either.

So we chose the only real way forward to our goals. We decided to become large business owners. Our business makes money wherever we are there or not. We leverage our time and efforts. This is a time tested model used by Donald Trump and the Big families in America like the Kennedys and Rockafellas for years and years. It works for them, it works for us. The final road we follow is that of being investors. We make money work for us, we do not work for money. We have time, we have freedom and we have control.

We chose our market carefully. We chose a huge expanding market, worth over $ 100 Billion a year worldwide. We chose a unique consumer product that people really want. We chose the right time to start and we followed the market trends. Finally we leveraged our time and efforts. This is a win win situation.

Free enterprise is the only way forward and the only way to use your redundancy money wisely. If you did not get any redundancy money then find it, dream it, believe it, borrow it, go for it. You will never look back. Your family, life, relationships will benefit from this business and you will grow to your full potential.

The best part is this. You do not need to have prior knowledge of running a business. You are everything, what to say, who to say it to, what to send, where to advertise, how much to spend, how to spend nothing and you will be part of a like minded community all with the same common goals. Do you know how singularly important just that is? Remember how many people wind you up in your business or work? This is because people are people, they come with hang ups, they come with attitude, they come with aspirations contradict to yours, they come with bad hair days.

How cool is it to be in a community, working with other people, all with the same positive attitude, the same motivation, the same ambition, where it is in their interests to see you successful and happy as much as their own? This is powerful stuff and anyone looking for a reliable business opportunity should be on their computer looking us up and really taking a good look at what is out there.

You know, success is inside you, it is your choice wherever you want and desire to bring it outside you. We can and will show you the way, and more than that, we will stick with you and by you for as long as you need and beyond. Our goal is to make you successful like we are and also to form life long friendships with our people.

This is The Secret, the amazing secret that people like Robert Kiyosaki and Anthony Robbins are talking about, people like Oprah has been featuring it weekly, Donald Trump and Richard Branson have also benefited from it, as has every successful person since the start of time .

To be successful you need to be a dreamer. Realists are not successful. Realists are restricted to what is real. Successful people have a dream, they make that dream into a thought, they believe in it and they take action. It's that simple so go ahead and use your redundancy money wisely.

Do you think that Barrack Obama would be in the White House today, if Martin Luther King did not have a dream? Do you think Nelson Mandela would be alive today if he did not dream of his freedom for 26 years?

Source by Peter Yallouros

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