The place now for Britain’s Brexit course of?

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What subsequent for the Brexit course of in Britain? The federal government has handed its EU Withdrawal Invoice with barely a murmur of insurrection. Now parliamentary committees …


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Endtime King

Flush brexit down the toilet 😂

Steven Gresham
People of the UK, Time to open your eyes and see what is really going on in this country.we are loosing all our civil,human,and workplace rights and we live in fear of our governments and even our police so we sit and complain to just about anyone who will listen,yet we can't and won't speak out in public thinking we would be arrested or a marked person.Im by no means saying go out and riot,what I am saying the people in this country has a voice and it's time to use our voice and speak out before its to late.When… Read more »
Steve Somerset

we were never that into eu

moma mia

We will be a independent country we will celebrate every year our very own independence Day,, Flags at the ready bottle of fizzy fireworks it is so exciting ,,Make new trades round the world control our borders, We have been one of the highest contributer to the EU we have payed over 370 billion pounds in to the EU over the years ,,Think what we as a country could have done with that, we will thrive be proud British people other countries will follow where the Brits dared to go first

José Dourado

England doesn't seem excited about its future.

Paranormal Pros